Discover our two treatment systems, Straight Forward Philosophy™ and Spectrum™ V.A.S.T. Technique.

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Straight forward philosophy™ (SFP)

Straight Forward Philosophy® is the result of more than 20 years of clinical experience using Straight-Wire appliances. This treatment system combines prescription and a custom arch system to achieve results.

Straight Forward Philosophy® is a complete orthodontic treatment system.

The SFP™ arch system

Data from literature and research conducted on more than 40 non-treated patients with normal occlusion has shown that the patient arch-form variability is not usually due to the shape, but to the initial intercuspid and intermolar diameters.

The new arches’ ID-Forms have been designed for the technique Straight Forward Philosophy® with the purpose of minimizing the adaptation to the shape of the original arch form of the patient, and to comply with the different widths of arches. The new NiTi thermal-activated archwires have been designed to exhibit consistent forces during the treatment and to be resistant to any permanent deformation, expressing efficiency during the alignment phase.

ID-Form arches are available in the following alloys: 

  • Thermal NiTi
  • Stainless Steel 
  • BetaTitanium


The dimensions are designed in 1 original form and 3 “sizes” (S, M and L). The 3 “sizes” are perfectly coordinated with each other so that once the most appropriate size is chosen for the lower arch, you will have just to use the wider one for the upper. The ID-Form arch system improves the clinical efficiency and reduces inventory costs.

The SFP™ prescription

  • New Torque value on the Upper Lateral to counteract the tendency of slight proclination observed at the end of the orthodontic therapy. 
  • Increased lower arch incisor torque compared to the central incisors to reduce the tendency of the lateral to tilt in excess buccally. 
  • New versatility with the possibility to use lower lateral brackets on the lower central anteriors. 
  • Upper and lower cuspid brackets with 0° torque. A more uprighted canine produces a more appealing aesthetic result, and improves the efficiency of canine lateral disclusion. 
  • Upperfirst and second molar offset is increased to 14° to compensate the typical mesial rotation due to the archwire/slot play, and the anchorage forces produce an appealing aesthetic result and improve the efficiency of canine lateral disclusion. 
  • Lower second molar negative (-20°) torque is increased to alleviate the excessive flattening of the Wilson curve in the second molar area.


  • A complete case in Redi-Pak of 20 brackets and 8 direct buccal tubes
  • 2 Titanal LT ID-Form archwires (thermal NiTi) round section
  • 2 Titanal LT ID-Form archwires (thermal NiTi) rectangular section
  • 2 Stainless Steel archwires Posted ID-Form rectangular section



Great for all cases. A scaled down version of the SFP Intro Kit.

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Spectrum™ V.A.S.T. Technique

Spectrum™ makes it possible to start treatment quickly using tipping and translation techniques with low forces. You can then use the built-in straight wire techniques to help achieve a precision finish with less effort.

Spectrum™ provides a fast start and a great finish.

Designed for a fast start and optimum finish, Lancer’s Spectrum™ brackets feature four slots for a variety of treatment options: two wing slots, a straight wire slot, and a vertical slot, making this perhaps the most versatile bracket available today.

  • Bracket allows you to practice with combination mechanics 
  • Non-binding, elliptical wing slots for easy, fast tipping 
  • Either incisal or gingival wing slot may be used and secured with pins, ligature ties, wires, or springs 
  • Low, wide profile gives Spectrum™ the proven efficiency and control of a twin bracket 
  • Unique wing slot configurations facilitate rapid, non-binding movements in the initial phases of treatment, using minimal force 
  • Predetermined in/out relationships, built-in torque and angulation, and your choice of .018 or .022 straight-wire slots 
  • Straight wire slot to make precision finishing easier 
  • Vertical slot design facilitates engagement, and readily accepts auxiliaries for securing archwires. It also accepts springs, posts, and hooks 
  • Archwires may be secured with pins, ligature ties, wires or springs
  • Permanent color coded I.D. system


INTRODUCTION TO THE V.A.S.T. TECHNIQUE: V.A.S.T. book by Dr. William Thompson

Spectrum™ auxiliares

The 1st and 2nd stage pin is designed to fit securely into the bracket, allowing for free sliding mechanics of the archwire. The 3rd stage pin is designed to fit into the vertical slot of the bracket while holding the archwire securely in place. 

The Tandem pin is designed to hold the archwire securely in position while offering the addition of a hook for surgery cases or vertical “cross” and class II elastics. 


The Spectrum™ pins are designed and manufactured to an exact tolerance. The pin leg dimensions of all three pins are .016x.018 to be easily inserted into the Spectrum™ vertical slot of .020 x .020. With the exact tolerance of the stamped pin, the possibility of rotation of the pin in the bracket slot is eliminated.

Spectrum Pins (Organized box)

Uprighting Springs