Velocity™ is a comprehensive wire series manufactured from the most reliable and tested materials.  Each wire is polished to an unsurpassed smoothness to reduce friction and provide the movement necessary for effective treatments.

Lancer Global | NiTi


Nickel and Titanium alloy. Velocity™ NiTi archwires are super elastic with excellent memory of form and high resistance to deformation.

Lancer Global | Thermal NiTi

Thermal NiTi

Nickel, Titanium, Copper and Chrome alloy. This archwire can be bent at room temperature but maximum moldability is reached at a temperature below 20°C.

Once positioned in the oral cavity, at 35°C, the archwire returns to its original form.

Lancer Global | Copper NiTi

Copper NiTi

Nickel, Titanium, Copper and Chrome alloy, with a higher percentage of Copper than in Velocity™ Thermal NiTi. The addition of more Copper increases the thermal properties of the archwire, allowing for better resistance to deformation and precise control of the forces even in more complex cases of dental crowding.

Lancer Global | Beta titanium

Beta Titanium

The Beta – Titanium wire is a Titanium, Molybdenum, Zirconium and Tin alloy, designed to allow the production of lower biomechanical forces compared to steel arches (-42%). This archwire has better moldability and can withstand severe bending without permanently deforming its original shape. This alloy can be used on patients allergic to Nickel.

Lancer Global | Stainless steel

Stainless Steel

Lancer’s Stainless Steel archwires present high stability, resistance and is polished to an unsurpassed smoothness to reduce friction, and can withstand severe bends with minimal fracturing. 

Stainless Steel wires are also suited for welding.

Lancer Global | Aeshetic wire

Aesthetic Archwires

Nickel and Titanium alloy or Stainless Steel. 

The whole structure of the archwire is treated with epoxy powder sintering. The treatment guarantees great aesthetic properties, durability and dimensional stability. The wires in the aesthetic line are available in white or tooth color.

  • Velocity™ COATED NiTi
  • Velocity™ COATED Stainless Steel

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