Lancer’s bracket adhesives and etching gels exhibit the superior bonding characteristics necessary for a successful treatment.

Our products

Our adhesives are gentle on the enamel
Easy to use
Formulated to allow easy application and comfort
Specifically engineered for metal, ceramic and plastic composite appliances

One Step Adhesive

Lancer’s composite resin system is designed for bonding metal, ceramic or composite brackets to etched enamel.

Featuring a tacky composite viscosity that allows for free flow, the paste helps to eliminate bracket flotation during bonding.

The Catalyst Resin/Paste system sets on contact, while the primer helps to seal the etched enamel.

One piece removal after treatment is a snap because the cohesive strength of the adhesive is greater than the bond to the tooth.


  • One step syringe – KIT: Contains Paste 20g (5g x 4 Syringes), Primer 12ml, Etching Gel 7.5ml, Spatulas x 2, Primer Brushes x 30, Mixing Pads x 2
  • Formula 2 Paste Refill (3.5g x 4 syringes)
  • Primer (16cc)

Dual Cure Glass
Ionomer Band Cement

Ideally suited for cementing metal molar bands, Lancer’s dual cure composite resin cement creates a strong chemical bond between the tooth and the band. This pre-mixed cement has no strong odor or aftertaste, and can be light cured to instantly seat the band. A complete set is achieved in five minutes without light activation. Easily and conveniently dispensed from the smart automix system, the cement contains fluoride for added tooth protection.
  • Automix Dual Cure Glass Ionomer Band Cement – Dual Cure Syringe – KIT: Contains Paste 40g (10g x 4 Syringes), Mixing Tips, Mixing Pad
  • Dual Mix Replacement Tips (pack of 25)

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Lancer Global | Gel

Lancer Etching Gel

Used for etching enamel and dentin prior to bonding procedures, Lancer’s phosphoric acid gel is a medium viscosity etchant that can be applied precisely in controlled amounts to the area to be etched.

Available in a syringe with disposable tips this thixotropic etching gel remains in place and will not run. It has a long shelf life, and does not dry out when properly stored.

The gel washes off clean.

  • Syringe (12g syringe + 10 tips)
  • Syringe Tips (pack of 25)



  • Light Cure Patient Cartridges – KIT: Contains Paste 20g (0.35g X 57 Cartridges), Resin 6cc, Etching Gel 24g, Spatulas x 2, Primer Brushes x 30, Mixing Pads x 2
  • Formula 10 Paste Refill (0.35g x 57 cartridges)
  • Primer (Resin) (2 bottles x 3cc)



  • Porcelain Conditioner (Qty 1)
  • Spatulas (Pack of 75)
  • Brushes (Pack of 75)
  • Mixing Pads (2 pads)
  • Bonding Prep. Tray (Pack of 50)
  • Etch. Liquid (18g)
  • Etch. Gel (24g)
Lancer Global | Light

Light Activated Adhesive

Lancer’s quick, no-mix, light-activated composite resin system is ideal for bonding metal, ceramic or composite orthodontic brackets to etched enamel.

The primer helps seal the etched enamel. The tacky viscosity of the paste allows it to flow easily without bracket flotation.

The light activated bonding paste sets on demand.

The strength of the adhesive-to-bracket interface is greater than the bond to the tooth, allowing for one-piece removal after treatment without enamel scarring or damage.


  • Light Cure Syringe – KIT: Contains Paste 20g (5g x 4 Syringes), Primer 7ml, Etching Gel 7.5ml, Spatulas x 2, Primer, Brushes x 30, Mixing Pad
  • Formula 11 Light Activated Adhesive Refill (5g syringe)
  • Primer (Resin) (2 bottles x 3cc)

Curing Light

Blaze™ Curing Light

  • Added Feature: Caries detection light
  • Colorful, ergonomic handle design
  • Color choices: Grass Green, Pink, Purple, Blue and Black
  • A full charge will provide more than 200 applications
  • Three working modes: full power, ramping-up and pulse
  • Variable time settings: from 5 seconds to 40 seconds
  • Long stand-by time, as long as six months
  • Wave length: 420nm – 480nm
  • Light intensity: 1,600 mW/cm2 to 1,800 mW/cm2
  • 1 year warranty
Lancer Global | Curing light

Bracket Adhesive and Etching Gel


Known for its ease-of-use and effective bond strength, Rely-A-Bond™ is one of the most popular autocure adhesives on the market today.

Rely-a-Bond® is formulated with a monomer that contains fluoride and will not reduce bond strength. The highly filled paste combines with a unique primer to produce a bond strength to etched enamel that virtually eliminates bonding failures. The paste is very tacky which prevents bracket flotation and penetrates the finest mesh base.

Due to a unique catalyst system, the paste does not require refrigeration.

  • NO-MIX Syringe – KIT: Contains Paste 14g (3.5g x 4 syringes), Primer 16cc, Etching Agent Gel 9g, Accessories
  • Rely-A-Bond Paste – Syringe pack 14g (3.5g x 4 syringes)
  • Primer (16cc)
  • NO-MIX Patient Cartridge – KIT: Contains Paste 14g (0.4g x 34 cartridges), Primer 16cc, Etching Gel 9g, Accessories
  • Paste 14g (0.4g x 34 cartridges)
  • Primer (16cc)

Fuji™ Ortho LC

This light-curing glass ionomer cement exhibits easy application and excellent adhesion even in a humid environment.

  • INTRO – KIT: Contains Powder 15g, Liquid 6.8ml 
  • Powder (40g)
  • Liquid (6.8ml)
  • Patient Cartridges: Contains Paste 21.5g (0.43g x 50 capsules) 
  • Capsule Applier II

Band Cements

Fuji™ Ortho Band Cement GC

Paste-to-paste resin modified glass ionomer cement for bonding bands. Autocure. Fluoride releasing.

  • Paste Pack – 26.6g (13.3g x 2 cartridges)
  • Dispenser Paste-Pack

Intact Glass Ionomer Cement

A unique dual cure composite resin cement ideally suited for cementing metal molar bands.

Chemically bonds to both tooth structure and metal band to create a strong anchor. The glass ionomer technology creates high tensile and compressive strength, reducing washout and loose bands. Easy smooth mixing – just add distilled water.

Fifteen seconds mixing time and two minutes working time. Working time can be extended by using a cold mixing slab (keep powder and water refrigerated for ideal results).

  • TRIAL PACK: Contains Powder 30g, Water Dispenser, Mixing Pads, Powder Scoop
  • ORTHO PACK: Contains Powder 200g, Water Dispenser, Mixing Pads, Powder Scoop

Reliance Ultra Band-Lok

Light curing glass ionomer cement for orthodontic bonding can also be used to bond brackets, lingual retainers and large acrylic appliances. No mix. Fluoride releasing. Blue shade for easy removal of excess cement.

  • Ultra Band-Lok Blue Syringe – 5g (Qty 1)


Disposable applicators bend easily to any angle for the placement of small controlled amounts of material in areas of limited access.

  • Regular Package – 400 applicators (4 tubes / 100 each)