Titanium Grade 4 cylindrical implant with internal hexagon for the submerged technique with Double Acid Etching (DAE) surface.

Lancer Global | Implantology


Lancer Global | Implantology


The internal hex connection is still the most versatile prosthetic connection mechanism for both screwed and cemented prostheses.

The morphology of the CORE V2 implant (coil pitch, implant core, neck and hexagon diameter), meets the most established mechanical standards with long-term follow-up.

The CORE V2 implant has atraumatic apexes and discharge apical millings that make it self-centring.

CORE V2 implant is made according to the dictates of the latest literature with particular attention to the reduction of the peri-implant bone loss, developed according to the following concepts of new technology and macro geometry:


Lancer is proud to introduce the Core V2 internal hex implant solution.

The term “V2” means “second version” and is intended to symbolize the transition from the historic and reliable Bio Implant line with internal hexagon to a revised and updated one that meets the current needs of dentists and dental technicians.

The “V2” line, marks the achievement of Bio Implant’s maturity: with unique features, it summarizes the best knowledge in the field of implant prosthetics.

The Core V2 line, together with the K-Core V2, is the result of the development of mechanical concepts that are well established in the dental world and set the benchmark for implant surgery in terms of quality, ergonomics and a fair price.

Both the Core V2 and the K-Core V2 lines feature implants with variable incremental diameters, all with the same platform and implant connection, to facilitate their use during the prosthetic stages.

Core V2 implants have a single prosthetic connection for all implant diameters, except for the CORE V2 Ø2.9, which has its own platform, allowing the interchangeability of prosthetic components.

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Core V2 implant benefits

Core V2 tray

Surgical Kit

• Super-Cut drills (Ø mm 2,8; 3,0; 3,65)
• Depth stop for Super-Cut drill (h mm 8.5; 10; 12; 13; 15)
• Countersinks for Core V2 implants Ø 3.5; Ø 3.75; Ø 4.2
• Depth stop for countersinkØ 3.5; Ø 3.75; Ø 4.2
• Tappers for Core V2 implants Ø 3.5; Ø 3.75; Ø 4.2

• Super-Cut drills (Ø mm 3.0; 3.65; 3.85; 4.2)
• Depth stop for Super -Cut cutter (h mm 8.5; 10; 12; 13; 15)
• Countersinks for Core V2 implants Ø 4.7 and Ø 5.2
• Depth stop for countersink Ø 4.7 and Ø 5.2
• Core V2 implant tappers Ø 4.7 and Ø 5.2

Lancer Global | Core V2 Kit
Lancer Global | CoreV2 Kit

Prosthetic components

The Core V2 line includes transfers and abutments with the same emergence profile to condition soft tissue healing, impression taking, and prosthetic restoration.

All components, except for the Ø 3.4 platform, come in three different configurations and colors:

Lancer Global | Implant Narrow2


The NARROW line (bronze) has a "narrow" emergence profile, suitable for the rehabilitation of crowns with the same characteristics (lower incisors, premolars)

Lancer Global | Implant regular


The REGULAR line (yellow) has a "medium" emergence profile suitable for the rehabilitation of crowns with the same characteristics (upper incisors, canines, premolars)

Lancer Global | Implant wide


The WIDE line (green) provides a "wide" emergence profile suitable for the rehabilitation of crowns requiring the same characteristics (molars)

The prosthetic components of the Core V2 line are:

  • Pick-up and pull up technique impression transfer
  • Pick-up removable impression transfer
  • Laboratory analog
  • Peek abutment for provisional solutions
  • Titanium cylinder without rotational hexagon
  • Titanium cylinder with non-rotational hexagon
  • Finishing titanium abutment
  • Straight titanium abutment
  • Pre-angled titanium abutment
  • Calcinable abutment
  • Abutment for bonding
  • Abutment for bars
  • Calcinable abutment cobalt chrome base


Core V2 implants