Lancer Global Dental Partner is proud to present its implant lines from the historical brands Bio Implant and PHI. With our state-of-the-art designs and high quality materials, we offer a range of implants that meet every surgical need.


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Lancer is fully committed to providing unparalleled customer care to each member of our global network. As such, we take great pride in knowing that each one of our partners, whether they’re a small clinic or a major worldwide distributor, receives personalized attention that will ultimately ensure their satisfaction.

Lancer means excellence, quality, precision and innovation supported by a large global scientific network.

Bio-Implant dental implant ranges are Titanium grade 4 implants with internal and external hexagon and Double Acid Etching (DAE) superficial treatment.
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Conical Titanium Grade 5 implant with internal hexagon for the submerged technique with two surface variants available: Acid Etched (MAC) or Titanium Plasma-Spray (TPS) sandblasted, both TiN-coated.
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