A precise and correct model is what is needed to be able to achieve the best possible prosthetic work. Lancer’s Laboratory offers a line of products that allow the dentist and the technician to do the most accurate job.

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Hit Model and Break Agent

High-precision polyurethane
resin for master models and
removable abutments

The main feature of the resin is that, due to its chemical composition, once hardened, it does not show any changes, even if it comes into contact with water during its processing (squaring, washing the model, etc.); furthermore, the models obtained with the resin are UNBREAKABLE.

There are several types of resins on the market: the most common are epoxy and polyurethane resins which are similar but not identical in terms of physical properties, technical features, and method of use.

Hit model polyurethane resin

HIT MODEL is a two-component resin consisting of two parts (A and B), to which inert fillers have been added to prevent shrinkage and lower the exothermic polymerisation reaction. The consistency of the two components is very fluid, facilitating mixing and especially pouring into the impression.

In order to better evaluate the differences between the use of plasters and HIT MODEL, in particular with regard to dimensional stability, a comparative test was carried out to measure the expansion that plasters return; an aluminium arch with five truncated cones was used. Each truncated cone has an occlusal reference for measurement, and a circular step.

The special tray is so large that the thickness of the silicone is even. When comparing the expansion of the arch with that of the subsequent base, significant differences were found. In fact, the displacements in the arch were 5 or 6 times greater than the displacements that occurred in the plaster base. This is due solely to the difference of the two shapes.

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Hit Model

Extra hard polyurethane resin for master models

Two-component polyurethane resin filled with inert fillers. Specific for master models, implant models, inlays, copper rings in thermoplastic paste.

It can be used on impressions taken with silicones, alginates (dry), polyethers and polysulphides. With polyethers and polysulphides (Permadyne, Permlastic, Impregum) the impression must ALWAYS be isolated with the special NEW BREAK AGENT release agent.

Break Agent

Release and insulating spray for dental technicians

New Break Agent is indispensable for the isolation of impressions taken with polysulphide polyethers from polyurethane resin.


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