PHI was born in 1991 and its goal has always been to produce highly innovative and scientifically developed implants. The PHI (Primary Healing lmplant) method enables primary bone repair. Primary bone healing has been studied mainly in orthopedics by Prof. R. K. Schenk of the University of Bern.

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The PHI implant insertion is by coupling, without forcing, and this has always been the first difference with traditional implants. This means not only no pressure, but also no tension.

The integration process of the PHI implant was evaluated in a multicentre study carried out in 8 different centres on approximately 2500 implants placed over 24 months and the success rate was 99.28% overall (mandible and maxilla). These trials were presented at several IADR world congresses.

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Conical Titanium Grade 5 implant with internal hexagon for the submerged technique with two surface variants available: Acid Etched (MAC) or Titanium Plasma-Spray (TPS) sandblasted, both TiN-coated.

Evo MCA Implants

Conical Titanium Grade 5 short implant with internal hexagon for the submerged technique with sandblasted, acid etched and TiN-coated surface.

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