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Digital services

Innovation, precision and safety

We believe that digitalizing the Dental Practice means offering more efficient performances for patients.

Using of CAD-CAM technologies, software planning for guided surgery, and intraoral scanner, we would like to showcase a wide range of solutions that can be combined or approached as needed, one by one.

We have chosen to work and partner with some of the most dynamic and innovative companies to offer our clients the best options in the market to support our products.

Digitalizing the dental practice means taking all the clinical decisions during the planning phase, and being ready with the lowest possible risk of error during surgery.

Technology is dentists’ best support in the treatment of their patients.

Our digital services aim to offer the perfect support for the dentist and the dental technician
Integrating technology with the dental practice means a more precise and predictable outcome
The highest standards of quality and safety for the dentist and the patient

Guided Surgery

Personalized Surgical Guides Through Software Planning

Lancer Implantology makes use of MediaLab (Bionova)’s ModelGuide software for guided surgery.

ModelGuide represents a method of making personalized surgical guides for the implant-prosthetic surgery through software planning, allowing the dentist to operate safely, efficiently and rapidly in totally and partially edentulous patient.

The level of accuracy achieved enables the Dentist to have an extremely precise surgical guidance and results that are perfectly in line with software planning.  

With ModelGuide, all the clinical decisions can be taken during planning, before surgery is performed.

The minimum invasive intervention and its high precision make ModelGuide the safest and most advanced guided surgery systems.

Lancer Global | Guided Surgery

Yndetech milling center

Precision and Excellence for the Dentist with CAD-CAM Technologies

We work with Yndetech milling center for the production of prosthetic elements. Their philosophy focuses on maximum precision and excellence of the materials used.

Yndetech is a very dynamic company that uses CAD-CAM technologies and 3D printing.

Precision, reduced time and lower costs, trademarks of the industrialized processes, can guarantee better performances for dentists and, ultimately, for patients.

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Aoralscan 3

Empowering a Highly Efficient Digital Chairside Solution

Exceptional, smart and elegant, the intraoral scanner Aoralscan 3 improves the overall clinical experience. It allows users to easily acquire vivid digital impressions in a faster and more accurate way.

With fast, accurate and exceptional scan performance for chairside experience, Aoralscan 3 is capable of more than just digital impression acquisition: the scanner is integrated with powerful 3D visualization tools to help dentists engage patients with their treatment plan and improve their overall satisfaction.

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