With buccal tubes being such a critical component in orthodontic treatment, Lancer has meticulously engineered a full complement of weldable and bondable convertible and non-convertible tubes for all your treatment needs.

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High quality
We apply internationally recognized quality standards in the production of our products
Lancer has had its finger on the pulse of the ever-changing orthodontic industry for more than 50 years
Our buccal tubes can be custom-welded onto bands to meet specific needs

For more than 50 years we have effectively and successfully addressed the latest industry needs by incorporating the latest design and manufacturing technologies with a growing industry demand for effective, comfortable, easy-to-use appliances that simplify treatment and reduce valuable chair time.

As with all the appliances we manufacture, Lancer applies internationally recognized quality standards in the production of our tubes to help ensure that we consistently deliver world-class quality to our customers.

Lancer produces some of the most popular and trusted Buccal tubes on the market.

Lancer Global | Buccal tubes

Bondable Buccal Tubes

Because precise positioning is critical in establishing an effective treatment and avoiding occlusal interference with opposing teeth, we designed our bonding pads with pronounced developmental indents for easy location of the optimal bonding position, resulting in less bonding effort by the clinician and less soft tissue trauma to the patient.

Lancer Global | Bondable buccal

Weldable Buccal Tubes

Lancer offers standard and custom pre-welding services to meet all your practice needs. All pre-weld orders are welded in the standard position unless requested otherwise.

Lancer Global | Weldable

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