Bring precision to the treatment with high quality, durable materials, and a fashionable touch for better patient cooperation.

Our products

Designed to offer the most comfortable solution with the lowest risk of injury
Made with premium, high quality materials to guarantee durability
Made from medical-grade plastic, foam and stainless steel

Masks and Face Bows

Convincing patients to regularly wear their headgear is one of the greatest challenges of a successful treatment. Now you can alleviate patient anxiety with Lancer’s fashionable line of extraoral force products. Our cervical, high-pull and combination appliances provide measureable, consistent force levels and feature safety release force modules to avoid dangerous “slingshot” rebound injuries.

Face Bows

Distal ends of the outer bow are offset to avoid snags on clothing or pillows. Loops are adjustable to bypass bicuspid brackets, which facilitates insertion into the tube. The inner arch length (in millimeters) is measured from the middle of the loop, along the inner arch, to the middle of the opposite loop. The stainless steel frame is softened by hypo-allergenic chin and forehead pads to reduce irritation.

  • High quality Stainless Steel.
  • Laser welded for maximum durability and comfort.
  • Comfortable anchorage for protraction.
  • Double Screwed for stability and safety of the forehead rest
  • Anatomic molded plastic with soft pad on the inside for increased comfort of the chin and the forehead.
  • Internal Pad with anti-bacteria treatment.
  • Durable quality joint screws for a fully adjustable facemask.
Lancer Global | Face bows
Lancer Global | Standard face mask

Standard Face Masks

Bring precision to the treatment with high quality and durable materials.

The solid-color, fully-adjustable face mask is made from high quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, medical-grade plastic, non-allergen and medical-grade forehead and chin cup foam pads.

Each fully-adjustable face mask comes with replacement pads and a hexagonal replacement key.

Lancer Global | Patterned

Patterned Face Masks

Appeal to a wider range of patients and allow them to personalize their experience.

Our patterned face masks offer the same features as our standard face masks. A selection of bright patterns were created to appeal to a variety of patients, making wearing a face mask a more personalized and fun experience, while treating serious cases. Each fully-adjustable face mask comes with replacement pads and a hexagonal replacement key.


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High Pull Head Caps

Lancer’s high-pull head caps are constructed from a sturdy, fully washable polyester/cotton blend. They are adjustable in 3 different positions: short, medium and long, and feature two hookup tabs. These extremely versatile head caps can be used with any style module.


  • High Pull Head Cap w/ 600g Safety Module
  • High Pull Head Caps
  • Equa-Pull High Pull Head Caps
  • High Pull Straps
  • High Pull Cotton Head Cap

Cervical Head Gear

Developed by Dr. Wick Alexander, the wedge-shaped cervical next strap featured on the Wick Wedge cervical head gear is designed to prevent slippage and enhance patient comfort.

Developed with patient compliance in mind, the vented design allows for more flexibility and better ergonomics for patients. The Wick Wedge design is narrow at the top and wider at the bottom of the pad to prevent slippage or sliding down the bottom of the neck, resulting in enhanced patient comfort.

The banana shape and divided sections allow the strap to “flatten” out when placed on the curved area of the neck line. This enables the strap to fit on the neck horizontally and provides a secure fit while eliminating uncomfortable wrinkling.

The Wick Wedge is not only comfortable for patients, but also results in a less vertical force vector on the headgear.

Titanium modules ensure light, constant forces.


  • Wedge Neck Pad
  • Lancer Cervical Head Gear
  • Equa-Pull Cervical Straps
  • Equa-Pull Safety Model
  • Cervical Strap
  • Blue Denim Cervical Strap

Lancer Safety Modules

Skillfully constructed of a robust blue plastic out shell and a spring hardened stainless steel release loop. Available in 450gr or 600gr.