Kristal Clear

Thermoformable orthodontic sheets ideal for aligners, bites, and retainers.

Our product

High elasticity when compared to similar products
High quality and performance at an affordable price
Kristal clear™ is designed and made in Italy
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Rigid sheets in transparent thermoplastic polyester PET-G for the construction of mobile devices in laboratory using thermal printers. The product is compatible with any thermal printer as long as the printer can process round sheets (not square) and the power is greater than 1 atm (1 bar).

Kristal Clear™ is biocompatible and does not contain bisphenol. Furthermore, the product is not hygroscopic and doesn’t require pre-drying.

Kristal Clear™ can be used for invisible aligners (0.75 mm and 1.0 mm), bites (1.3 mm and 1.5 mm), and retainers (1.3 mm).

  • High transparency
  • Fracture resistant
  • Excellent bond with acrylic resins for occlusal lifting in the construction of splints and bites.
  • Covered with two films, a protective one (blue), and an insulating one (transparent).
  • Can be cut with scissors after printing.
  • Easy finishing of the piece with regular resin cutters.





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