Praxis is a powerful, functionally superior bracket loaded with features that patients and doctors love and that delivers the highest level of precision.

Lancer Global | Praxis mini twin

A perfect combination of robotic MIM technology, superior design, and pleasing aesthetics, producing a robust bracket that is inherently stronger and more dimensionally accurate than similar brackets.
Rhomboidal shape, anatomically designed base, and scribe line which runs through both the bracket and the pad facilitate fast and accurate placement

  • Slots are milled with diamond blades, guaranteeing precise dimensions throughout the wall of the slot
  • Torque-in-base allows for less wire bends and fewer brackets being repositioned
  • Low-profile design for optimum patient comfort
  • Large under tie wing area for easy ligation
  • Anatomically designed 80-gauge mesh pads make bonding effortless while ensuring optimal adhesion
Lancer Global | Gold


Offer patients a stylish alternative and maximize patient satisfaction with Lancer’s Praxis Gold.

Precisely engineered with all the classic features of our traditional Praxis brackets, Praxis Gold offers an elegant 24 karat gold coating that will maintain its brilliant luster throughout the duration of treatment without chipping or peeling. Safe for use on nickel-sensitive patients, the Praxis Gold is a stylish alternative to traditionally finished brackets. Discover the new “Gold Standard” with Lancer’s Praxis Gold, and watch your patients glow.

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