Philosophy 1™ has a very small profile which allows it to be used in any size palate and with exceptional comfort for all patients.

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The benefits of Philosophy 1™ are demonstrated and documented
Dramatically improved compared to the older generation of palatal expanders
A new level of refinement of this important orthodontic appliance

Thanks to its innovative features, small dimensions, method of activation, and positioning at just a few millimeters from the palate, Philosophy 1™: 

  • Has a far less invasive presence in the mouth 
  • Minimizes interference with chewing, swallowing and speaking 
  • Eliminates or greatly reduces intra-oral tissue irritation 
  • Improves oral hygiene 
  • Reduces bad breath problems due to fewer food traps


Due to the design of the arm and the single expansion mechanism, the dimension of the screw body does not change during treatment. 

Innovative design and Micro-Mechanical technology allow Philosophy 1™ RPE to fit very close to the palate. 

This means it is much closer to the center of resistance of the palatal suture and provides optimal transfer of expansion force. 

Thanks to its design and manufacturing technology, Philosophy 1™ is also applied parallel to the palate. 

Malleable in the laboratory and strong in the mouth. 

The special steel alloy used has unique biomechanical properties that facilitate forming the device while ensuring dimensional stability in the mouth during treatment.

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Safety Conscious

  • The patented anti-rotation activation system prevents unintended spring back.
  • This feature guarantees that Philosophy 1™ will remain at the setting the user dials in every time.
  • Activation “Feedback” feature. Each quarter turn (one hole) provides audible and tactile feedback for the parents.
  • Laser markings eliminate any guesswork about the proper direction of rotation.
  • The activation key features an ergonomic handle for secure and easy insertion into the device.
  • Each device includes a patient chart for therapy control.


Arm bending tool

Activation key

Activation key tip