Designed for a fast start and optimum finish, Lancer’s SpectrumTM brackets feature four slots for a variety of treatment options: two wing slots, a straight wire slot, and a vertical slot, making this perhaps the most versatile bracket available today.

Lancer Global | Spectrum

Spectrummakes it possible to start treatment quickly using tipping and translation techniques with low forces. The built in straight-wire techniques can then be used to help achieve a precision finish with less effort. An effective straight-wire bracket with advanced clinical capacity, Spectrum lets you decide which mechanics your patients need.

  • Unique wing slot configurations facilitate rapid, non-binding movements in the initial phases of treatment, using minimal force
  • Predetermined in/out rela- tionships, built-in torque and angulation, and your choice of .018 or .022 straight-wire slots
  • Vertical slot design facilitates engagement, and readily accepts auxiliaries for securing archwires. It also accepts springs, posts, and hooks
  • Archwires may be secured with pins, ligature ties, wires or springs

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