Lancer offers a wide range of instrument and tools to support the doctor and the patient. They are designed to ensure an effective and successful orthodontic treatment.

Patient Supplies

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Retainer Cases

A protective case to fit most dental and orthodontic appliances. Available in many different colors.

Relief Wax

Softens quickly with the warmth of your fingers, easily applied and molded to site of irritation for temporary relief. Packs of 6.

Patient Home Care Kits

Provides the items your patients need to keep their braces clean, all in a convenient compact case. Includes (1 each): floss, patient relief wax, regular toothbrush, travel toothbrush, mouth mirror, travel proaxbrush, stimulator brush, and floss threaders.

Lip Protector

Easy-to-use. Eliminates wax and reduces laceration and infection.

Clinical and Office Supplies

Nuflavor Alginate Flavoring

The pleasant taste and aroma does not affect the mixing or set-up times of the alginate. Available in many different flavors.

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Thera-Bite Wafers

Thera-Bite wafers can be used to stabilize the jaw during the debonding process. Chewing something hard following an appliance adjustment loosens the tightly grouped fibers around the nerves and blood vessels.

Disposable Archwire Markers

Packs of 100. Available in two colors (red and white).

Bonder System

A practical system that allows the clinician to make a series of accessories directly in the patient’s mouth (retainer, brackets, buttons etc.) in a few seconds using a light cure adhesive. Starter kit or plain mold handle available.

Cephalometric Tracing Paper

The sheets are available in the best white matte acetate finish. Ideal for cephalometric tracings. Available in pads of 100 sheets (20.3x25.4 cm).

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Photography Mirrors

Highly polished 1mm thick angled metal mirrors. All mirrors are surface treated to eliminate fogging allowing undistorted photographs that reflect the patient’s natural color. Flat occlusal mirrors, flat buccal mirrors, angled occlusal metal mirrors, and angled buccal metal mirrors.

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Cheek Retracto

Double ended, medium size.

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