Discover the next generation of Active SLB. Available in metal and ceramic.

Lancer Global | Active

Velocity™ Active SLB – Metal

Next generation Active SLB, with a robust NiTi clip that will seat the larger wires in the bottom of the slot where they belong.

Velocity™ Active SLB delivers proven engineering to meet the demands of all cases. Patient comfort is realized with a high retention base.

Velocity™ Active SLB – Ceramic

Velocity™ Active SLB Ceramic provides the same robust NiTi clip as its all-metal partner with the added bonus of high density, super strong ceramic construction.

Due to the same in/out relationship to the all metal design, cases can be combined easily.

Velocity™ Active SLB also features the Accu-Grip™ base, engineered for increased retention.

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