All the advantages of a twin design with the benefit of Passive SLB techniques.

Lancer Global | Velocity passive

Precisely engineered and manufactured with a focus on performance and patient comfort, Lancer’s Velocity™ passive stainless steel self-ligating brackets are packed with all the features to achieve excellent results every time.

  • Clip covers the mesial/distal width, for rotational control, allowing the wire to use the width of the bracket without auxiliaries
  • Deep tie-wing undercuts for easy ligation
  • NiTi clip offers superior flexibility, resisting breakage and jamming
  • Clip locking mechanism ensures the clip remains securely engaged
  • The base is compound contoured for increased bond strength and accurate bracket placement
  • Torque in base for improved level slot lineup and finishing
  • Single piece construction combines strength and accuracy, allowing full expression of the prescriptions’ programed torques and angulations
  • Color I.D. marks for easy identification

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