Lingual attachments are used to compensate or correct the malocclusion during different phases of treatment.

Weldable lingual attachments

Weldable/Bondable Buttons

The Buttons have a low profile and are extremely comfortable for the patient. They are welded to flat or curved bases depending on the desired positioning required.


Available small or long, can be pre-welded to the band upon request.

Seating lug

Bicuspid or molar. Can be pre-welded to the band upon request.

Lingual Sheaths

The Lingual Sheaths with different options (stops or hooks) have horizontal insertion to accept palatal bars, quad-helix and other maxillary and mandibular appliances.

Palatal Bars

Palatal Bars are offered with distal or mesial loop and hook in assorted kits or packages of 10 each.

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