Lancer offers a wide range of high quality wires to meet every clinical need. The design and materials incorporated into these wires inherently reduce treatment and chair time for maximum comfort and flawless treatment results.

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We have a wire for every need, from nickel to titanium
We put special care into the design of our archwires for maximum efficiency
More than 50 years of real clinical experience

Classic Archwires

Lancer has worked diligently to earn its reputation as a leader in the manufacture of high performance orthodontic wires by offering the right wire for every phase of treatment. 

Lancer’s Classic wires feature a high luster polish for better sliding mechanics to achieve faster results and reduced chair time. Popular around the world, our signature Classic line of wires provides a wide selection of characteristics, qualities and options to meet all your treatment needs.

Classic Titanal

Ideal for both difficult and routine cases, Titanal™ archwires are manufactured from cold-worked nickel titanium and are precisely engineered to ensure excellent performance and predictability. 

Titanal™ wires can be deflected beyond their elastic limits. Therefore, they will take a set so desired bends or arch form modifications can be accomplished through over bending.

Lancer Global | NiTi

Velocity™ Wire Series

Velocity™ is a comprehensive wire series manufactured from the most reliable and tested materials. 

Each wire is polished to an unsurpassed smoothness to reduce friction and provide the movement necessary for effective treatments.

Lancer Global | Swiss strand

Multi-Strand Archwires

Lancer offers a wide range of multi-stranded archwires to meet every clinical need. Braided, twisted, spools and straight lengths.

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