A premium quality aesthetic bracket with maximum strength, made from polycrystalline cultured alumina that allows perfect tooth color blending.

Lancer Global | Optyc

Precisely engineered and manufactured with an emphasis on performance and accuracy, Lancer’s Optyc™ Ceramic brackets exhibit maximum strength and shape integrity while maintaining a totally aesthetic appearance throughout treatment.

The premium quality polycrystalline cultured alumina from which the Optyc™ Ceramic are manufactured allows the brackets to blend with the tooth color.

With added new features and an improved classic design, Optyc™ offers a great choice in aesthetics for your patients.

  • Rhomboidal shape for easy placement
  • Unique bonding base is enhanced with Accu-Grip™ undercuts for a secure bond and easy debonding
  • Smooth, contoured tie-wings for maximum patient comfort and mechanical functionality
  • Blue colored wire slot aids in bracket placement

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