The easiest and most effective solution for the common needs of anchorage in orthodontics.

Storm™ Orthodontic Mini-Screw

The Storm™ Mini-Screw is a combination of Lancer’s manufacturing technology and the clinical experience of a team of orthodontists specialized in skeletal anchorage. Easy to insert and to remove, the Storm™ Mini-Screw provides the best and simplest answer to intraoral anchorage needs.

Easy to insert and to remove
Storm™ Mini-Screw undergoes claning, decontaminating and sterilizing processes
Designed to fulfill all the orthodontic needs and it’s available in different sizes and ligation options
  • Available in three sizes.
  • Color coded for immediate identification: Blue, Light Blue and Aluminum.
  • Trauma from the device is reduced thanks to the asymmetrical threading of the intraosseous portion that also enhances strength distribution in the perio implant area.
  • In many cases the Storm™ Mini-Screw can be inserted without the use of burs with evident advantages for the patient.
  • The Storm™ Mini-Screw undergoes thorough cleaning cycles, decontamination in an acid environment and sterilization with ionizing radiation.
  • Delivered sterile and ready for immediate use.
  • Ready for immediate orthodontic treatment thanks to the apical loading provided by the asymmetrical thread.
  • Constructed from Grade 5 Titanium for stability and use on nickel sensitive patients.

Three ligation options available, designed to be used concurrently without interfering with each other. Three different sizes provide a correct option in most clinical cases.

The transgingival portion of the Storm™ Mini-Screw has a variable length in order to better adapt to the thickness of the mucosa, additionally increasing the flexibility of use.

  • Slot on the head of the Mini-Screw facilitates anchorage with metal orthodontic auxiliaries.
  • Eyelet exactly replicates the function of a buccal tube.
  • Also offers a third ligation option positioned between the slot and the eyelet.

Storm™ surgical kit

Plastic case with removable cover, autoclavable at 134° C.

It contains:

  • manual screwdriver complete with pick-up device
  • 2 connectors handpiece (20 & 25mm) + 1 optional (30mm)
  • bur 1.1 mm (length 7mm)
  • bur 1.4 mm (8mm)
  • 2 screwdriver shafts (10 & 20mm) + 2 optional (30 & 50mm)
  • 1 optional handle driver

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Storm Gold™ Orthodontic Mini-Screw

The Storm GoldTM Mini Screw is the innovation of the Classic series.
It is presented without a slot, with a TiN coating and designed for use in the palatal cavity.

Threading Reverse
The intraosseous portion of the Storm Gold™ Mini Screws features "Reverse buttress" threads with an asymmetrical profile.
Coating in
Titanium Nitride
Storm mini screws in the Gold version, made of Titanium gr.5 (Ti6Al4V ASTM F136), are sold with a TiN coating.
Suitable for every
clinical need
The versatility of the Storm Gold™ Mini Screw is demonstrated by the presence of three different binding slots, that are designed to be used simultaneously and without interference.

The Storm GoldTM Mini Screw comes in three variants:

  • Classic Gold, with a transmucosal route identical to the Classic series;
  • Palatal, suitable for use in the palate and with a classic ligature seat;
  • Palatal Screwed, suitable for palatal use with a screwed abutment solution.