Lancer’s orthodontic appliances and accessories are admired and recognized globally as high quality products at competitive prices. Our products benefit from more than 50 years of research, development and manufacturing innovation.

Our products

Metal brackets are a fundamental part of traditional orthodontic treatments
Our manufacturing process has been evolving with time and experience
We only use high quality materials that meet every need
Lancer Global | Praxis mini twin

Praxis Mini-Twin

A powerful bracket loaded with features that delivers the highest level of precision.

Lancer Global | Sinterline plus

Sinterline plus

A straight wire appliance with a unique, patented shape for maximum functionality and comfort.

Lancer Global | Sinterline vslot

Sinterline V-Slot

Sinterline bracket system with an added vertical V-Slot for more flexibility.

Lancer Global | Velocity

Velocity Mini-Twin

An unbeatable combination of superior design, effective tooth movement, and superb bonding characteristics in a smaller bracket.

Lancer Global | Spectrum


An effective straight-wire bracket with advanced clinical capacity.

Lancer Global | Tweed


This system is widely used for extraction cases and can be used for en masse retraction of the anterior region of the mouth.

Lancer Global | Alexander


The Alexander technique allows for use of rectangular wires early in treatment while the inter-bracket distance reduces the force.

Lancer Global | Praxis mini twin

Treatment Systems

Discover our two treatment systems, Straight Forward Philosophy™ and Spectrum™ V.A.S.T. Technique.

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