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Theory and practice course: The pursuit of Skeletal Anchorage in Orthodontics: Expanding the Horizons of Patient Care with the use of TADS during fix Orthodontic and Clear Aligners Therapy

The pursuit of Skeletal Anchorage in Orthodontics: Expanding the Horizons of Patient Care with the use of TADS during fix Orthodontic and Clear Aligners Therapy


This course is composed by a theoretical part and a hands-on part. It is addressed to doctors who wish to approach the technique of skeletal anchorage on orthodontic mini-screws, associated to Fix and clear aligners therapy. An initial introduction on the rationale of skeletal anchorage  (mini-screw placement techniques, anatomical sites of insertion, etc.) will be followed by the description of mechanics  for the treatment of complex cases maxillary transversal deficiency, upper molars intrusion, anchorage and impacted canine management.


September 20 –  Tuesday

From 2.30pm to 6.00pm

Daniela Lupini

Skeletal anchorage basic principles and rationale

Anatomical sites for tads insertion

Surgical protocol

Orthodontic mini screw: characteristics

Hands-on part




September 21- Wednesday

From 9.30am to 1.00pm

Daniela Lupini

Problems with tads

Problem solving tricks

Maxillary stransverse deficiency and Aligners

Tad and alingers tecniques:

Miniscrew Orthodontic Pseudo-ankilosys

Intrusion screw system

Hands-on part


September 22 –  Thursday 

From 9.30am to 1.00pm

Daniela Lupini  e Riccardo Capuozzo

Impacted canine management

Hands-on part


September 24- Saturday

Extra-alveolar miniscrew insertion

Hands-on part





Social Events

September 20 at 8.00 pm 

Welcome Dinner

September 22 at 2.30pm

Tour Anacapri + Mount  Solaro + Axel Munthe House

September 23 at 9.30 am

Tour Capri Boat + Blue Grotto + Augustus Gardens

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20 - 24 Sep 2022


All Day



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Monica Passera


Monica Passera
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  • Daniela Lupini
    Daniela Lupini

    Specialist in Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry
    • Member of the European Board of Orthodontics
    • Member of the Italian European Board of Orthodontics
    • Founder Member of the Italian Board Orthodontic Aligners
    • Adjunct Professor at University of Trieste, Italy
    • Vice – President of the Italian Association of Specialists in
    Orthodontics (A.S.I.O.)
    • Clinical Assistant Professor of ORTHODONTICS –United Campus
    of Malta – Malta
    • Elected Treasurer of the Italian Society of Orthodontics (S.I.D.O.)

  • Lorenzo Bartolommei
    Lorenzo Bartolommei

    • Specialist in Orthodontics
    • Postgraduate degree in Clear Aligner Technique
    • Adjunct Professor at University of Tor Vergata, Rome
    • Invisalign Official Speaker
    • 1200+ Patients treated with Invisalign System in 10
    • Indexed publication on Invisalign System

  • Riccardo Capuozzo
    Riccardo Capuozzo

    Specialist in Orthodontics
    Adjunct Professor at univeristy of Tor Vergata, Rome
    Adjunct Professor at University of Unicamillus, Rome
    Align Speaker
    Apex Diamond Provider Invisalign

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